Picture Perfect Starter Tips: By Rosibell Cuchijay class 801

Here are some tips on how to get a great picture without using a filter.

•Make sure to focus your camera on the main image.

• If your picture looks to dark tilt it up a little so some sunlight could shine on the image.

• If the image looks to bright you could slightly tilt the camera down to get enough light where the picture isn’t so dark.

• If you want to take a picture of a certain object and nothing else you could try to hold the camera at a certain angle.

• Don’t always use flash because sometimes the image won’t come out right and it could make the picture look super light.

• You shouldn’t be so tense. Being tense could often make you shake the camera and loose a perfect picture.

• Don’t edit the picture if you don’t like the way the picture looks you shouldn’t fake it just try again.

♦ There are so many other tips but here’s an important one BE CREATIVE

No one is going to judge if your pictures are top of the line fabulous or not. Just be yourself. Photography is meant to be fun, it let’s you capture a moment that shouldn’t be forgotten

Here is one of my pictures that I took in the NY city.


In this image you are able to see the Freedom Tower which was my main focus and the buildings surronding it.
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A Change

Dear readers,

You see I have been writing about photography. I have only shown you people the nice pictures pictures that people want to see. I have never shown you the pictures that eple dont want to see such as what we do to mother earth. 

garbage This is the land waste that people have taken pictures of you dont see any floors or buildings, instead you see mountains of garbage. This GARBAGE can affect people and nature in so many ways. 

Lets take care of our planet and make sure that the later generations have a beautiful planet. You may not pay attention to this one picture but you will always know that you never decided to help. There are places that try to help places that you never could imagine.img_2798

This is Disney Worlds Epcot and they have these quotes on a wall they take you on trip and show you the type of things that they do to help earth. They farm fish, grow plants from all over the world, and have animal. This is a wonderful place to learn from and just read the quotes they try to get you to help the earth. 

Flower Perfect

By: Rosibell Cuchijay

This picture was taken inside a bus. These flowers were found at a bus stop in front of a sign. These two flowers are the same type but different colors. Wat I was able to capture was there color and details. This is why I like photography because I able to see details that i did not notice before. Like there inner ring color. Sometimes there are hidden things in an imge that you cant see with your own eyes.